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People with whom WE HAVE worked say:

"Mike Frost has been an evaluator with the Australian Training Awards for several years. His professionalism and commitment to the national selection process has ensured its continued integrity."

Wendy Walker, Manager, Australian Training Awards




 “Mike brings a refreshing big picture view to his work and goes at his projects
with incredible enthusiasm and thoroughness. His networks and depth of knowledge
of the post compulsory education scene leave me with no hesitation in recommending his services to others.”

David Morgan, Managing Director, The Work Lab



“Mike brings considerable talents to project management, including enthusiasm, commitment and a capacity to engage others’ interest and to motivate their commitment to the project.”

Dr Reg Allen, CEO, Tasmanian Qualifications Authority



“Mike Frost has been a stalwart and champion of VET in schools programs
across Australia almost since its inception in the mid 1980s. He has been a constant advocate of programs that can deliver for students new opportunities for learning,
strong vocational pathways, and experiences of educational success.
He has a deep knowledge, unrivalled networks and deep respect amongst
practitioners and policy makers.”

Professor Jack Keating, Education Policy & Leadership Unit, Melbourne University

Note: Jack Keating passed away in July 2012. His words remain as a tribute to a great educationist.



“Mike is an incredibly proactive and credible individual who has a genuine passion
for the VET in Schools agenda. Mike’s work is of a high quality and he can be relied upon to actively contribute and engage to achieve an outcome.”

Ms Lori Hocking, Executive Officer, VETnetwork Australia



“In his role in Tasmanian post compulsory education and training, Mike was highly
regarded for his inclusive approach, involving all relevant stakeholders such
as the AEU in discussions about programs/projects involving change. He maintained strong consultation in the face of opposition and while under pressure to bring
about change, demonstrating respect for the profession required to implement
the change. Such an approach allowed for better problem solving of issues
and helped prevent an adversarial response from the Union.”

Ms Leanne Wright, former President Australian Education Union, Tasmanian Branch

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