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What Mike Frost and Associates can do for you

VET Awards national and state

With wide experience as a judging panel convenor and judge for the Tasmanian Training Awards and as an evaluator for the Australian Training Awards, Mike can provide advice on how to make an impact with written applications for state and national awards, ways of addressing selection criteria imaginatively, and making applications stand out from the rest.

Achieving sustainable VET in Schools Programs

Having visited and written about numerous quality VET programs over the last 20 years he knows what makes a program sustainable. From essentials around VET program design to resourcing and strategies for building good partnerships with industry, he can help build a robust and sustainable model for school-based VET delivery. Being able to identify the barriers and to devise strategies for overcoming them is a particular skill.

Industry consultation

Schools often find it challenging to establish real partnerships with industry. From Mike’s extensive work across the VET sector with industry and industry bodies he knows how to talk to industry, how to engage them in mutually beneficial relations and can identify the simple things that often trip up school-industry partnerships.

Building an enterprise base

Some of the most successful VETiS programs in Australia have used enterprise-based activities to generate cash flow and ensure future sustainability. These range from running commercial enterprises like restaurants, printing works, automotive repair and construction services to providing services to local government. Mike can draw on a wide range of enterprises that might be customised to particular needs.

Writing for Government

Writing for government involves having a particular knowledge of how to address issues or ideas to ensure maximum impact. This can be critical in putting together successful submissions, funding and award applications. Mike can provide advice on achieving impact or alternatively can be commissioned to put the written application together.

Leadership skills for VET

Mike has a particular interest in what makes a successful leader of VET programs. From extensive observations of leadership styles across the country he can share with you the qualities of leadership which are associated with the very best of VET programs. He can also share the perils and pitfalls associated with poor leadership of VETiS programs.

Building a VET presence

One of the toughest challenges facing schools and their VET programs is building an identity and presence in communities. Mike can share with you a wide range of strategies for building community relations, promoting a favourable image for VET programs and ‘badging’ their services.

Conference, seminar or forum design

Mike has wide experience in conference design and facilitation. He knows what works and what doesn’t. His extensive network allows him to tap into speakers and presenters across the nation, and his design experience allows him put together programs that will have major impact and valuable professional development outcomes.

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