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Who ARE Mike Frost and Associates?

Mike Frost is one of the ‘true believers’ in the positive impact vocational education and training can have on young people still at school. From directing some of the earliest and most durable VET programs at Rosny College in Hobart, Tasmania, in the early 1990s Mike has gone on to be an enduring and influential voice in school-based VET. This has included leading the establishment of VET in school’s peak professional body, VETnetwork Australia, project managing the establishment of the former Tasmanian Qualifications Authority, leading reform legislation Guaranteeing Futures to

secure the successful transition of senior students from school to working life and driving the successful reform of the Tasmanian Certificate of Education to include VET in senior secondary certification.


Since establishing Mike Frost and Associates, a consultancy specialising in a range of services across VET but with a particular focus on school-based VET, in 2010 he has gone on to provide

policy advice, executive, evaluative and program review services for the Australian Government, the Tasmanian Government, the Australian Curriculum

Assessment and Certification Authorities (ACACA), the Australian Education Union and to VETnetwork Australia.


He has written extensively about VET
in Schools and was founding editor
for national publications The Vetnetworker and VOCAL. He has convened major conferences over many years for VETnetwork Australia, the Tasmanian Government, and more recently for the Australian Government’s School to Work section on Trade Training Centres.

His major achievements include:

  • Chairing the Southern Central Trade Training Centre, part of the Jordan River Learning Federation’s strategy to improve education and training outcomes in the region providing work-readiness and vocational training for young people living in the economically challenging Bridgewater area.
  • Providing consultancy services and strategic advice to a range of organisations including the Tasmanian Council of Social Services (TASCOSS), the Australian Government’s Australian Training Awards and National Trade Training Centre programs, Skills Tasmania, VETnetwork Australia and The Work Lab.
  • Leadership roles in a range of not-for-profit community-based organisations including as chair and board member of VETnetwork Australia, Training Opportunities and Options for Learning (TOOL)  and Key Training delivering a wide range of services in support of  young people transitioning from school to work.
  • Major project management roles in the implementation of Tasmanian Government initiatives including the establishment of the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority, and the development and introduction of a new Tasmanian Certificate of Education.
  • Extensive conference design and facilitation experiences with the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training, the Tasmanian Department of Education and VETnetwork Australia including as convenor of the Leading Lifelong Learning 2005 10 day international education conference in Tasmania July 2005.
  • Extensive volunteer leadership, support and management for organisations including The Heart Foundation, Friends School, The National Trust and The Education Ambassadors.
  • Principal consultant in the development and implementation of major legislation governing post-compulsory education and training policy in Tasmania (Guaranteeing Futures Act 2004).
  • Design and management of a whole-cohort destination study for 2001 Tasmanian year 10 students (2001-2005).
  • Founding Executive Officer, Vice-Chair and Chair for VETnetwork Australia a national peak body representing VET in Schools practitioners (1996-2010).
  • Leadership of the successful introduction of a wide range of vocational education programs principally under the TRAC banner at Rosny College (1992-96).
  • Twenty-five years teaching and educational leadership in senior secondary colleges in Tasmania.

2 Audley Street, North Hobart, Tasmania 7000

ABN 67 384 357 265


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